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miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

Maniac Killer - Amusing Anecdotes for the Depraved (2004)

Un gran disco repleto de goregrind bien cerdo desde

Oregon , U.S.A..el unico disco de estudio de esta formación

llamado  Amusing Anecdotes for the Depraved lanzado en

el 2004 bajo la disquera  No Escape Records..

1. Kill for the Master 
2. Basement Depravities 
3. Meathouse 
4. Amputation Celebration 
5. The God of Cum Filled Open Wounds 
6. Gutted Bitch Porno 
7. Cannibal Buffet of Putrid Genitalia 
8. Ultra Pervo 
9. Knife Induced Degradation 
10. Masturbating in the Blood Dripping from the dangling Freshly Butchered Corpse of a 2 Year Old Child 
11. Hypnotic Gore 
12. Limb Separation Syndrome 
13. Sexually violated with a Power Drill 
14. Taboo Rituals 
15. Gallery of Mangled Whore Flesh 
16. Torso Fucktoy 
17. Porcine Bondage Rape Machine 
18. Exploited Meathook Candy 
19. Cum and See the Amazing Deformed Dildo Psycho Cunt Mangler 
20. The Evisceration Obsession 
21. Catharsis Through Utter Vaginal Disfigurement 
22. The Evil Lord of Destruction 666 
23. Stalk and Slash 
24. Return of the Whore Butcher 
25. Surrealistic Blood Bath 
26. Night of the Clit Slasher 
27. Psycho Sexual Machete Frenzy 
28. Snuff 
29. Salacious Motives 
30. Torture 
31. Zombie Sex Slaves 
32. The Chainsaw. it Makes for a Convenient Dismemberment 
33. The Time Has Come to Kill Insanely and Rape Uncontrollably 
34. Fuckhole 
35. What Was Left I Kept and Molested in Various Ways 
36. Splatter Holocaust 
37. The Feast 
38. Now You Die ! 
39. The Secret Life of a Maniac Killer 
40. Mine Forever 
41. Gutted Worthless Victim 
42. Slicing Your Throat and Watching You Bleed in Amazement 
43. The Resurrection and the End...

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